Replacement Policy

Our replacement policy allows you to request a replacement for the product at no additional cost if the product received by you is defective. 
However, size-related replacement is allowed for selected products.

It is important to first check the Replacement Guarantee period on the product page and then ask for a 'Return'.

You will be eligible to get a replacement if


  •    Our Quality Check team shows a defect that qualifies the product for replacement.
  •    A replacement request is made within 7(seven) days of receipt of the delivery of the order
  •    The product has been received in its unused, original condition; and
  •    The product has been received in the original product packaging along with all tag.

Please note that replacement is subject to availability of a suitable replacement.

If the customer is eligible for the replacement, the product will e replaced by 5 to 10 days.

Please note that this policy will not cover routine product wear and tear, damage incurred during use or any other 
forms of damage and will not, in any event, entitle you to a refund, whether partial or otherwise.